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Baguette Moulder
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Baguette Moulder

Baguette Moulder


It shapes the dough the shape of cylinder which has opened as pitta by the help of two rollers.

The dough can be at any length with the adjusted belts

The dough can be shaped at 700 mm by changing the distance of belts.


• Lead Cylindrical Openness: 20 mm

• Width of Band : 710 mm

• Two polyamide rollers standard

• Stainless Steel Body

Baguette Moulder

Standard Construction

Maximum dough length : 700 mm

Mounted on wheels with floor fixing

• Two polyamide rollers

• Complies with CE regulations


• Two or one pressure board

• Adjustable Speed

• Stainless Steel Body

3Ph 380V 50 Hz N+PE
Electricity Connection

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