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Spiral Mixer Tilt Over Hydraulic Lifting System


Spiral Mixer Tilt Over

Hydraulic Lifting System

The specification of the automatic spiral mixer is to knead more dough in a short time.  Thus; it enables to make very little flour to dough. The automatic and manual use options are available. The kneading time can be adjusted. It operates very quietly . It also provides a two speed use because of its double positioned motor.
The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available. Tilt-over mechanism the dough which is kneaded in mixer is transfered untouched to the divider.


Structure in epoxy powdered
Dividing blade, spiral arm, bowl and safety grid in stainless steel
Movement transmission by pulleys and belts
Safety device stops automatically the machine when the grid is lifted
Motors are protected from overcharging and short circuit
Reverse bowl rotation at first speed
Mixing time setting for 1st and 2nd speed
Electronic control with high resistant membrane on keyboard
Hydraulic lifting system with self tipping suitable for both side tipping
Control system is of the hold-to-run type

Spiral Mixer

Standard Construction

Motorised stainless steel bowl

24 V control circuit

2 speeds

2 Timers

Structure in epoxy powdered
ABS safety lid

Stainless steel spiral arms and divider shear

Hydraulic lifting system

Spiral Mixer


KMKspmH 130 Kg dough


KMKspmH 200 Kg dough


PLC digital control

Stainless Steel Body

 380 V 50 Hz - 3 phase

Electricity Connection

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