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Welcome to TUGKAN Bakery Machines & Equipment Co.

Tugkan carries on all its works this orientation which  offering the maximum quality at the lowest price to its clients within the world system that has globalizes and become a kind of universal village.


Tugkan  created strategic alliances with a number of key foreign and domestic manufacturers base on marketting and manufacturer partners , Tugkan’s foreign and domestic manufacturers is an important ingredient to Tugkan’s success.


Our mission is to make the competition potency of our customers stable by offering the productive and quality production atmosphere at International Standards  using the latest technology.

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Supplier of Néstle -  Swiss  

Tugkan is the supplier of Néstle- Swiss

with Flour Sifter M26i. 

Tugkan Exported all products 2008  

to European Bakeries & Pastry Shops from Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries.

Focusing on the satisfied customers

We believe that the greatest measure of our success is your success. Therefore, we strive to provide you with superior knowledge, quality service, and the highest level of integrity to assist you in all of your baking endeavors.


We believe that strong, long term relationships with our marketting partners , suppliers and customers allows us to better understanding customer needs as well as inspires better performance and service.


The powerful body structure at all the machines,  unproblematic and quick operation, at the latest technological equipment workmanship, long-life and technical support together with the customers satisfaction is accepted as unchangeable principle.


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