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Deck Oven Annular Steam Tubes

Deck Oven

Deck Oven  (annular steam tubes)

Steam Pipe Oven is manufactured with steam pipes and stone floorings. Heat distribution with circular closed-circuit pipe system. The pipes in special steel fill with steam and rediate heat into the baking chambers by surrounded closed-circuit pipes. The floor and ceiling of each chamber are in direct contact with the band of pipes.
The baking products rest on slabs made from a special cement mix suitable for alimentary use. The doors are made in tempered glass. The most important specification of this oven is economical fuel usage thanks to its lower heat dissipation.

 The oven operates with a gas or diesel burner


• Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels.

• Steam vents on top deck

• Electromechanical control

• Fireproof special baking plates

• Steam exhaust hood with exhaust fan

• Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels.

• Electrical beam by means of silicon cables high temperature

• Optional Electromechanical control

Deck Oven

Standard Construction

• Oven front in polished stainless steel

• Controls on the right ( left on request)

• Head band

• Epoxy painted wall pannels

• Fireproof special baking plates
• 4 decks ( depends on model )

• Digital  control

• Doors are made in tempered glass

Deck Oven


• GMTS 40 (4  mē)

• GMTS 50 (5 mē)

• GMTS 60 (6 mē)

• GMTS 80 (8 mē)

• GMTS 100 (10 mē)

• GMTS 120 (12 mē)

• GMTS 150 (15 mē)

• GMTS 180 (18 mē)

• GMTS 240 (24 mē)


• Electromechanical control

• Digital Control

• Stainless Steel Wall Pannels

• Gas                  • Electricity*

    • Diesel

• Wood or other solid sources

Energy Source

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